392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Unit Comments Photo
Oakes, E.L. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Oatis, Edmund Maj Postal Finance Ofcr  
Oatman, H.W. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
O'Banion, Paul E. Pfc 578th Truck Driver
O'Barr, Mitchell C. Pvt 577th and 1287th MP Co (AVN) MOS=521, Airman Basic
O'Boyle, Kenneth N. Cpl 578th Armorer - 578th Sqdn Armament Section   Spinelli & O'Boyle
Obremski, Peter P. Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic
O'Brian, Jack J. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
O'Brien, Brendan Q. 1/Lt 579th  
O'Brien, Charles F. Pfc 806th Chem Co Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
O'Brien, W.L. t T/Sg   Trolley Passengers
O'Brien, Walter W. T/Sgt 577th Placed on indefinite TD with Det "A" 1287th MP Co (Avn).Perhaps had finished combat tour.
O'Brien, William E. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
O'Brien, William J. Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
O'Brien, William L. Cpl 577th MOS 683 = Bombsight Mechanic (Sperry)
O'Connell, Robert W. Sgt 577th  
Ockiniak, Frank     Gp Photo Section
O'Conner, Miles F. Pfc 10th SCS MOS change from 521 to 405.Per SO#66, 23Mar45, transferred to 12th Reinf Depot for transfer to infantry; MOS 405.Per GO#3, 30May44, awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
O'Connor, Danny Pfc   McBride Wedding Party
O'Connor, George 1/Lt 578th 578th Sq Ordnance Officer - Ordnance Officeres 14 July 44
O'Connor, John J. T/Sgt 18th Weather Sta assigned, atchd to 10th SCS for quarters and rations.32286155
O'Connor, John G. Pvt Gp Hq and 578th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
O'Connor, John L. T/Sgt 10th SCS In Aug44, went on the tour to Sandringham.
Odierno, Frank Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic   Individual Photo
O'Donnell, Howard E. Pvt 577th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
Oettinger, James S. Pfc 579th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Ogea, Robert A. Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
O'Hearn, John H. Jr. T/Sgt 576th MOS 663 = ?. Per SO#72, 30Apr44, TD for Consolidated turret maint. School. Per SO#141, 24Jul44, MOS change from 663 to 911. Per SO#152, 5Aug44, released from TD with 1287th MPs and returned to unit. Per SO#3, 4Jan45, reduced to Pvt without prejudice.
Ohlund, F.W. 1/Lt   Trolley Passengers
Okejmcziak Pfc   Trolley Passengers
Oksenial, Frank J. Pvt 10thStaCompSq  
Oksiniak Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Oliver, Frank Pvt 579th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker - 579th ground crew going on a pass
Olivier, Leon J. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Olsen, Arthur H. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per LFW, Painter.
Olson, Arthur Sgt 579th S-2 Staff - S-2 Staff   S-2 Personnel
Olson, Donald W. Sgt 577th Placed on indefinite TD with 1287th MPs.
Olson, Edmund S. Sgt 579th In Oct43 attended 7 week HF D/F Operators School
Olson, H.A. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Olson, Richard K. Pvt 576th MOS 504.Per Capt Levell's roster, 576th Ordnance Section Chief
Olson, Sheldon K. S/Sgt 578th Airplane Armorer - 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Olson, Vernon L. F/Sgt 1825th Ord S&M Co MOS 585, First Sergeant, then MOS 502 = Administrative Noncommissioned Officer - Bicycles
Olsson, Edmund S.   579th  
O'Neill     Ground Crew Relaxing
O'Neill 1/Lt   Trolley Passengers
O'Neill, James J. Pvt 576th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
O'Neill, John D. 2/Lt 579th Asst Sq Intelligence Officer - IndividualAsst S-2 579th
O'Neill, Ralph F. Pvt 579th MOS change from 650 to 056.Per SO#142, 25Jul44, MOS change from 056 to 055.Per SO#136, 19Jul44, reduced to Pvt for cause.
Onstot, Harry O. S/Sgt 578th TD for sighting and harmonization course
Onyon, John I. T/Sgt Gp Hq Chief Clerk, S-4 add Per SO#67, 1Nov43, awarded the Good Conduct Medal for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity. Cited by 2BD for personal bravery on 23Jan45: Cited for "outstanding and heroic performance of duty on 23 Jan 1945. On this date, a Fortress crashed at AAF Station 118. After skidding along for more than 100 yards, the bomber crashed into a parked car and then continued on, finally coming to a halt after ploughing into the rear of the Intelligence Briefing Room in the Headquarters area. Sgt Onyon was in his office when he heard the sound of the Fortress as it hit the ground and crashed into the building nearby. When Sgt Onyon arrived on the scene, there were others who had arrived there earlier, but who were just standing by, doing nothing in spite of the appearance of a small flame in the wreckage. Realizing the damage which would be done to the crowd, plane, and site if the Fortress's gas tanks were to explode, he ran back to the Intelligence Building and obtained a fire extinguisher. Then, standing almost on top of the tongue of flame, he brought the streams of the extinguisher to bear on the fire, controlling the blaze and finally putting it out. Sgt Onyon remained at his post, ready to act in the event of the fire breaking out again, until he was relieved by the Station Fire Department. The quick actions and superior presence of mind displayed by Sgt Onyon on this occasion prevented the fire from spreading and reflects the highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States."   Group Headquarters Photo
Openheim, Robert S/Sgt 576th MOS 688
Opshal, Roland C. S/Sgt 577th reduced from S/Sgt to Pvt for cause, then promoted to Sgt
Ordonez, Hector Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Orf, V.W. Sgt 1825th Ord S&M Co 1217th QM Co - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Ormerod, Raymond N. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Ormiston, Robert S. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
O'Rourke, John P. Cpl 579th MOS 754 = AF Radio Mechanic
Orr   579th 579th ground crew and 670   Bomber 13; Bomber 9; Bomber 4
Orrell, William R. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Ortego, Wilbon P. Sgt 577th  
Ortez, Raymond Cpl 577th  
Ory, Joseph J. Pvt 579th 579th ground crew and 670   MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Orzech, J.H. S/Sgt 576th 576th Ground Crew #1, "B" Flight
Osborn, Aloysius L. Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 014 = Automotive Mechanic (Second Echelon). 33330731
Osborn, W.E. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Osborne, George W. Pfc 577th MOS 832
Osseck, Paugh R. Pfc 576th and 578th MOS 683 = Bombsight Mechanic (Sperry).Per 392nd orders 3Mar44, he was an Airplane Armorer.
Otis, John J. 1/Lt 578th 578th Asst Oper Officer
Otenstein, Alvin Sgt 579th Involved in fire incident, 5Dec43. Flew to Bradley Field CT on 44-50505 per OO#1, 25May45; MOS 911.
Owens     1825th Ordnance Personnel #1
Owens, Charles M. Pvt 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Owens, Ernest W. Pfc 1825th Ord S&M reduced to Pvt for cause. Per SO#66, 23Mar45, xferred to 12th Reinf Depot for xfer to infantry; MOS 901. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#3, 30May44.
Owens, Hardy L. Pvt Gp Hq MOS 521 = Airman Basic, Non-Specialist
Oxley, William H. Cpl 578th Radio Operator - 578th Sqdn Communications Section
Ozga, Stanley E. Cpl 579th MOS 824 = Mess Sergeant