392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Unit Comments Photo
Fackender, John R. Pvt 579th and 576th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Fagan, John E. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Falada, Edward L. Cpl 576th 576th Crew Chief #42-51194.576th Ground Crew #4, "C" Flight - Richeson crew Photo
Falk, Austin A. Sgt 10th SCS MOS 685 = Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist
Farmer, Albert E. S/Sgt 10th SCS. SO#84, 1Dec43
Farina, Louis Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Farinelli Sgt 576th 576th Crew Chief #41-29476; 576th Ground Crew #4, "B" Flight
Farley, Kenneth C. M/Sgt Gp Hq and 578th  
Farley, Walter E. S/Sgt 578th Cook
Farlow, Robert V. Pfc 578th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer - 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Farquharson, Thomas Sgt 578th 578th Armorer; per LFW, 578th Armament Crew Chief - 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Farrow, Clarence R. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, was a 578th Crew Chief, #42-100340, Chubby. - Graham,Shankle,Farrow   Individual Photo
Fatz, John C. Cpl 577th  
Faulk, James H. Sgt 10thCompSq; 74th Svc Sq MOS 060.ASN 35373945
Faulkner, Irving Sgt 586th Army Postal Unit Public Relations Officer for Army Postal Unit
Faulkner, J. Cpl 576th Cook
Fausnaugh, Berman Pvt 576th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per Capt Levell's records, was 576th Crew Chief #42-50659, 576th Ground Crew #2, "B" Flight - Crew Chief, B. Fausnaugh, Crew Chief B. Fausnaugh
Fearon, Richard J. T/Sgt 579th TD for 60 days instruction in radar equipment
Fejes, Richard Pvt 577th MOS 334 = Welder, Spot
Felheim, Marvin L. Capt 579th and 576th 579th Sq Intelligence Officer - S-2 Staff
Felker, William A. Sgt 578th  
Fell, Lyle L. S/Sgt 10th SCS, 578th MOS 813 = Transportation NCOs.Per SO#141, 24Jul44, MOS change from 813 to 014.Per SO#225, 28Oct44, transferred from 10th to 578th, MOS 014.
Felton, William J. Pvt 576th MOS 521 = Airman Basic; per Capt Levell's roster, a 576th Munition Worker.
Ferguson, Jack W. Pvt 577th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Ferrel S/Sgt 576th Elec. Spec.
Ferrell, Edward D. Cpl Transportation Div. Killed 3Mar45 when Germans strafed the liberty vehicle he was driving   Individual Photo
Ferretta, Sammie Pvt 578th 578th RUO.Per LFW, Supply
Ferril, Dallas M. Cpl 465th Sub-Depot 465th Sub Depot photo #1   465th SubDepot Personnel
Ferry, Harry E. S/Sgt 577th  
Fewkes, Leland K. Sgt 578th Admin Clerk - Individual photo   Harned, Fewkes and Dina
Feys, Morris M. WO 465th Sub-Depot Sub-Depot Supply Officer before transferring to the 3rd SAD at Watton. - 465th SubDepot Personnel
Fichtenmayer, Arthur E. Pvt 578th MOS 504.Per 578th roster 5Aug44, 578th Ordnance Mechanic
Field Jr, Arthur B. Pfc 579th  
Field, Shirley F. Pfc 576th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Fields, Andrew J. Cpl 578th Ordnance Worker
Fields, Carlyle C. M/Sgt 579th Line Chief
Finch, Francis M. Pvt 578th MOS 555 = Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker. - Jeffers, Finch and Mehl
Finch, Harold G. Capt Gp Hq Gp Technical Inspector.Per 392 orders 1Jul43, appointed Unit Supply Officer.Per Feb95 News, Finch "had served in the Army Air Corps since the early 20s and had been commissioned from M/Sgt about the time the war broke out… He strove mightily at Alamogordo, getting us equipped with the thousands of items we would need, from extra socks to flashlights." - Individual Photo
Fink, Clarence E. Pvt 1287th MP Per SO#82, 11May44, transferred to DTC No. 4 per SCMO #27 dtd 8 May
Fink, Frank B. Jr. Pfc 579th and 577th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Finkel, Elliott W. Capt 577th 577th Sq Intelligence Officer
Fiore, Mario Pfc 578th MP
Fish, John P. 2/Lt 10thStaCompSq Gas Defense Officer
Fisher M/Sgt 576th 576th Crew Chief #42-50409; 576th Ground Crew #2, "A" flight
Fisher Pfc 576th 576th Ground Crew #6, "B" Flight
Fisher, Nolan B. Jr. Cpl 576th MOS 256 = Welder, Combination.38542717.Per SO#122, 1Jul44, MOS change from 521 to 747. Per OO#1, 25May45, MOS 747; will proceed o/a 28May45 aboard 42-51128 to Bradley Field, CT.
Fisher, William C. Cpl    
Fiske, Willard W. Pfc 577th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Fitzgerald, Cannon C. Pvt 578th 578th Tech Supply
Flagler, Clarence O. Cpl 578th Airplane Mechanic
Flehr, John H. Pfc 577th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Fleming, Robert R. S/Sgt 578th MOS 890 = Photo Interpreter.Per LFW, Intelligence Section Chief - S-2 Personnel
Fletcher, William J. Sgt 577th Placed on indefinite TD with 1287th MPs.
Fling, W.D.   Technical Rep Represented Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp who built the first electronic gunsight for the Martin upper turret.Wright Field sent him to Wendling to supervise the testing of the equipment and the training of gunners (per May93 News).
Flohr, John H. Jr. Sgt 577th  
Flores, Estoban Pvt 1287th MP Co Det A  
Floyd, James J. Pfc 577th  
Flower, Andrew A. Pfc 579th MOS change from 521 to 055.Flew to Bradley Field CT on 42-50650 per OO#1, 25May45; MOS 055.
Flynn Cpl 576th 576th Ground Crew #4, "A" Flight
Flynn, Richard J. Pvt 576th MOS 341=Shop Maintenance Mechanic
Foerhart Jr, Edgar F. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Fohl, Warren F. S/Sgt 577th  
Foley, Charles J. Pfc Gp Hq MOS 590, Laborer
Folkert, Jay E. 2/Lt 10thStaCompSq and Gp Hq Gp Weapons Officer - 392nd Staff Officers 3May45
Fontenot, Lloyd C.A. Pvt 578th Armorer
Foos Lt 576th Turret Officer - 576th Sqdn Officers #2
Forbis [or Forbes], Guy Pfc 578th Cook/Baker
Ford, Parker S. T/Sgt Gp Hq and 576th  
Fore, Emmett W. Jr. 1/Lt Gp Hq Station Special Services Officer - Individual Photo;   Officers
Fore, Joseph Pfc 577th MOS change from 521 to 590
Forkosh, Nathan Sgt 579th Maj Dilworth to investigate facts & circumstances of injuries received by Forkosh and determine line of duty status.Per SO#187, 13Sep44, MOS change from 405 to 826.
Foster, Wesley G. S/Sgt 579th MOS change from 611 to 514.
Fox, Manley Jr. Sgt 578th Photo Lab Tech.Per Feb96 News, joined just after graduation from photography school in Feb 1943. - Individual Photo   Photographic Section; Photographic Section #2
Fox, Joseph W. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Francis, Charles P. Cpl 578th MOS 686 = Airplane Instrument Mechanic, Specialist   Individual Photo
Frandiger, Conrad E. Pfc 577th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech NCO
Frantz, Joseph M. Sgt 465th Sub-Depot MOS 826 = Supply technician, AAF - 465th Sub Depot photo #1   465th SubDepot Personnel
Fraser, Charles W. Pfc 578th Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist
Frederick, Virgil J. Sgt 576th Aircraft Armorer
Freeborn Jr, Howard Pvt 1287th MP Co Det A MOS 677 = Military Policeman
Freeman Lt 576th 576th Sqdn Officers #2
Freeman, Robert E. T/Sgt 578th 578th Radar Chief.Per 392nd orders 21 Dec 44, MOS changed from 860 to 853, Radar Mechanic, Navigation - 578th Sqdn Communications Section
Freudiger, Conrad E. Pvt 577th MOS change from 405 to 590.Per SO#267, 18Dec44, reduced to Pvt for cause.Per SO#19, 25Jan45, transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot for transfer to infantry.MOS 590.
Frey, Charles L. Pvt 576th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Fri?, Mike J. Pvt 579th MOS 345 = Truck Driver, Light
Friedberg, Charles L. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Friem, Gunter F. Pfc 264th Medical Disp  
Friemel, Roy W. Cpl 577th  
Fries, Louis A. 1/Lt 578th Sent to Air Sea Rescue School with Holmes Alexander
Frith, Lionel A. Pvt 578th Armorer - 578th Armament   Cunningham & Frith
Fritsche, John Maj Gp Hq Sta Adjutant.Per LFW p 122, received orders to attend General Staff School in the US in June44 - 392nd Staff Officers 3May45   Rendle,Bush,Fritsche
Frye, Raymond F. Pvt 578th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator - Individual Photo
Frye, Raymond V. Sgt 578th Carpenter
Fuhrman, Wayne B. T/Sgt 1825th Ord S&M Co  
Fulkerson, Albert D. Pvt 578th Truck Driver
Fulwider, James C. Sgt    
Funk, Jabez M. Pvt 576th MOS 747=Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Furtado Jr, Manual J. Pvt 576th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic