392nd Bomb Group


Many of the photographs on the links were compiled from the 392nd Memorial Association archives by the late Ernie Barber, group archivist and the 392nd 2nd Generation researchers from relatives and loved ones. They are intended to be viewed for private use and not to be published without written consent from one of the 392nd BGMA researchers. You may contact them through our questions form (leaving airman form boxes empty).Click here for the form.  We continue to update this section on a weekly basis with additional information and photos.

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Name Rank Unit Comments Photo
Labuke, B.J. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Labunski, Leo Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Lacini, R.E.     Trolley Passengers
Lacko, Joseph M. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
LaCoste, Lawrence T. Pvt 578th MOS 055 = Clerk, General.Per 392nd orders 3Mar44, Teletype Operator
LaDuke, Victor J. Sgt 465th Sub-Depot 465th SubDepot Personnel
Laehman, S. Pvt   Trolley Passengers
LaFayette, Paul J. Pfc Gp Hq MOS 409 = Medical Technician
Lafferty, James F. Pvt 579th and 576th MOS 521 = Airman Basic; in 579th Ordnance.Per 392nd orders 3Mar44, a 576th Munitions Worker
Lakefield, Arthur J. Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 913 = ?. 32605472. Per SO43, 20Sep43, TD to RAF Kirkham for Browning Machine Gun School. Per SO#19, 25jan45, xferred to 12th Reinf Depot for xfer to infantry; MOS 911. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#3, 30May44.
Lambe, Joseph Cpl 10th SCS Per SO96, 21Dec43, TD to 392nd per 8AF Replacement Depot and assigned to 10th SCS. P15, played on the 10th's basketball team in early 1944 (called him Joe Lamb). Per GO#3, 30May44, awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
Lambert, Guy F. Pvt 10th SCS; 74th Svc Sq transferred from 10th to 74th.MOS 929
Lambert, James D. Cpl 578th Airplane Mechanic
Lamore, William Jr. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Lander, J.   465th Sub-Depot 465th SubDepot Personnel
Lander, J.      
Landers, Howard D. T/Sgt Gp Hq Gp Ordnance per May93 News
Landon, Eldon E. Cpl 465th Sub-Depot MOS 931 = Truck Driver, Heavy. Was in the Crash Crew. Was selected for transfer to Infantry Reinforcement Training in Feb 45 - 465th Sub Depot photo #2
Landsberg, Arnold Pfc 577th Telephone Operator
Lane, Francis T. Pvt 577th MOS 501 =Admin and Tech Clerk.Gp S-4 clerk
Lane, Robert E. Capt 578th 578th Executive Officer.Per Feb95 News, was Mess Officer of Enlisted Mens Mess No. 1, then became Base Mess Supervisor
Lange, R.T. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Lank, Robert C. Pfc 578th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer - 578th Sqdn Armament Section
Lankford, Taylor G. Pvt 10th SCS MOS change from 345 to 521.
Lannon, Joseph J. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Lanocker, Walter B. Pfc 578th MOS 826 = Tech Supply NCO
Lapinski, Sigmund W. Cpl 576th  
LaPlaine, Robert L. T/3 Gp Hq  
Larson S/Sgt 576th 576th Crew Chief #42-50489; 576th Ground Crew #5, "B" Flight
Larson, Carl E. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Larson, Grant W. Pvt 577th MOS 239 = Teletypewriter Mechanic
Larson, Walter Pfc 576th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
LaRue, Jack L. 1/Lt 577th 577th Sq Supply Officer
Lasater, James W. Pvt 577th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Lashek, Frank L. Pvt 578th MOS 685 = Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist - Lashek, Hochmuth, Peters, Biddle
Lashiw, Andrew J. Pvt 576th MOS 060 = Cook
Lashway, Horton J. Sgt 577th  
Lathan     Trolley Passengers
LaTour, Richard H. T/5 1825th Ord S&M Co 1825th Ordnance Personnel #1   Individual Photo
Laudon, Edwart T. S/Sgt 576th Code Clerk
Laverty, James J. Cpl 577th Football Team
Law, George T. Sgt 579th 576th in 1943
Lawrence, Robert S. Cpl 576th Aircraft Armorer - 576th in 1943
Lawrence, Sherrill A. S/Sgt 579th ordered to proceed o/a 9Oct43 to Brookwood Cemetery Surry NTE 2 days to carry out the instructions of the CO.
Lawson, David R. Cpl 579th Short Snorter Ground Crew fm June82 2ADA Journal
Leach, John P. Pfc 1217th QM Svc GP Tp1, original mbr of 1217th. P3, xferred to 1236th QM Co on 8Mar44. Per SO#34, 1Mar44, DS to Sta 147 for an indefinite period. Per 2BD O 67, 8Mar44, was on DS to Sta 147, xferred from 1217th QM Svc Co to 1236th QM Svc Co Sta 366 but will remain DS to Sta 147 for an indefinite time.
Leach, R.H. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Leahy, Donald M/Sgt 465th Sub-Depot  
Lear, Howard Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Leavenworth, Coman 1/Lt GpHq assigned, for princ dy as Asst Adjutant. Per SO#41, 15Nov44, TD for Army Information-Education Staff Sch.
Leavitt, Clarence J. T/5 806th Chem Co Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.
Lebioda, Joseph J. Pfc 577th  
Lee, George W. Pvt 579th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Lee, Hubert H. S/Sgt 576th Crew Chief for 41-29131 Flying Patch - According to the 576th Sqdn Diary, "M/Sgt Hubert H. Lee, crew chief of the Flying Patch, went home on the 29th of July [1944] after two years in the E.T.O. Sgt. Lee earned his place in Squadron history by saving aircraft No. 131 from the scrap heap when it landed in southern England with over 2,000 flak holes in it. He patched the battered wreck and it since became the war horse of the Squadron. Sgt. Lee was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts in maintaining the Flying Patch." He flew combat missions with 1/Lt Edward F. Wittel and crew on 20 Apr and 15 May 1944. - Wittel crew 2
Lee, Lewis H. Pfc 576th Teletype Operator
Lee, Richard D. T/5 1825th Ord S&M Co 1825th Ordnance Personnel #1   Lee, Dye, Witczak
Lee, Shelby T/5 1825th Ord TMOS 901 = Munitions Worker. 35491242. Per SO#66, 23Mar45, xferred to 12th Reinf Depot for xfer to infantry; MOS 901. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#3, 30May44.
Leeds, Fred M. Pfc 576th Per SO#72, 30Apr44, TD for Consolidated turret maint. School
Legato, Annunzio Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic.Per 392nd orders 3Mar44, he was a Cook
Lehman, Sol Pvt 806th Chem Co. MOS change from 835 to 786.
Lei, R.A. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Leibewitz, Victor Cpl 10thStaCompSq  
Leighton, Hal L. Pfc 577th MOS 900. Per SO#135, 18Jul44, MOS change from 900 to 911. Per SO#263, 13Dec44, TD to B-24 Armament School. Per SO#19, 25Jan45, xfered to 12th Reinforcement Depot for xfer to the infantry. MOS 911. Assigned to 392nd from 2BD EM Casuals per 2BD SO 107, 17Apr44. MOS 900.
Lein, Thomas N. Pfc 578th Instrument Specialist
Leluika, John Pfc 578th Airplane Mechanic
Lembrich, Kenneth J. Cpl 576th assigned; MOS 747
Lemone, Albino J. M/Sgt 579th Per LFW, was 579th Armament Section Chief, awarded Bronze Star.
Lenocker, Bruce   578th 578th Tech Supply
Lenocker, Walter B. Sgt 578th TD to London IRT Accomplishment of Application for Naturalization.Per SO#190, 16Sep44, MOS change from 826 to 405.Per SO#54, 9Mar45, MOS change from 405 to 826.
Lenz, Arthur J. Pfc 10th SCS MOS 747
Leonard, Chester G. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic - Bolding, Leonard, Dowling   Leonard and Pallas Athene   Hale and Leonard
Leone, Angelo V. PFC 465th Sub-Depot 465th SubDepot Personnel
Lerman, Milton 2/Lt 576th 576th Sq Adjutant - 576th Sqdn Officers #1   576th Sqdn Officers #2
Leslie, Curtis A. Pvt 806th Chem Co transferred to 12th Reinf Depot for transfer to infantry; MOS 590
LeSueur, William D. Pvt 577th MOS 521 = Airman Basic; per 392nd orders 3Mar44, was a Munitions Worker.
Leveskas Joe G. Pfc 1217th QM Svc Gp Per LFW, transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot in Feb 45 for infantry training and reassignment - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Levell Jr, Olen F. Capt 576th 576th Operations Officer, 576th Sqdn Adjutant - 576th Sqdn Officers #2
Levenson, Harold L. Pfc 577th MOS 806 = Code Clerk; Cryptographer (Code Compiler)
Levine, Porter H. Pfc 577th MOS 902 = Weapons Mechanic, Aircraft
Levits M/Sgt 208th Fin Sec xferred out of unit on 24Feb44.
Lewallen, Bruno Pvt 578th Airplane Mechanic
Lewin, Joseph S. Pvt 579th MOS = 747, Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per Aug98 News, he joined at Biggs Field, went over on the Queen Mary and was with the 579th until about D-Day.Then he was transferred to the 492nd and then to the 490th (a B-17 Group). - 579th ground crew and El Lobo
Lewis, Charlie Pvt 578th 578th KP
Lewis, John V. T/Sgt 1217th QM Svc Gp 1217th QM Co - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Lewis, Willard L. Pfc 1287th MP Co Det A Per Report of Aircraft Accident, he was aboard Niederriter's plane (41-29608) on 24Aug44 for an airspeed calibration mission when it had a taxiing accident.MP.
Libby, Evelyn L. Capt 110th Station Hospital Nurse - McBride Wedding Party
Licon, Silvino M. Pfc 10th SCS MOS 201
Liebelt, Warren A. Sgt    
Lieblich, Daniel P. Capt 578th 578th Sq Mess Oofficer
Liemann, W. S/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Lierd, R.H.     Trolley Passengers
Ligon, J.H. Pvt   Trolley Passengers
Liebolt, Warren A. Sgt 578th Admin & Technical Clerk
Lindenberg, Harry B. Cpl 578th Per 578th roster 24 Oct 1944, was a Transportation Clerk. Per 392nd GO#3, 19May45, awarded the Good Conduct Medal. 39530384 - Individual Photo
Lindgren, Rudolf D. Pvt Gp Hq and 10thStaCompSq MOS 590 = Laborer
Lindsey, Ralph W. S/Sgt 579th placed on duty requiring him to participate in regular and frequent aerial flights.
Lindsley, Gordon W. Cpl 806th Chem Co. Per SO#89, 23Apr45, TD for vehicle waterproofing course. Awarded Good Conduct Medal per GO#2, 27Apr45.
Lindop, Devere K. T/Sgt 577th  
Lindsey, D.K. M/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Lingle, Levi R. S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Linker, Clyde E. Pvt 578th Per 578th roster 24 Oct 1944, was a truck driver/td>
Linker, Joseph R. Pvt 1825th Ord S&M Co and 1217th QM Svc Gp Clerk, General.Per LFW, transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot in Feb45 for infantry training and reassignment. - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Lintz, Kenneth W. Sgt 578th 578th Power Turret & Cnst Mechanic; per LFW, Power Turret Specialist.Per Nov96 News, was a turret and gunsight specialist in the 578th, joining at Alamogordo in 1943. - 578th Sqdn Armament Section   578th turret Section   Waiting for Planes to Return
Lipinski Cpl 576th Instrument Specialist.
Lipp, Robert A. Capt 10thStaCompSq  
Lipphardt, William A. Pvt 576th MOS 504.Per Capt Levell's roster, 576th Ordnance Section Crew Chief
Lipsen, Irving (NMI) Cpl 578th Engineering Clerk - Individual photo
Lishchiner, Jacob B. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Liston, D.N.D.C. Sgt 576th  
Liston, William O. S/Sgt 576th  
Litaker   578th Orig. 578th Grnd Crew
Little, Richard E. 1/Lt 576th TPer 576th history, appt Sq Eng O in Mar/Apr44, replacing 1/Lt charles F. taylor who was transferred to 576th.
Littlejohn Jr, Carl W. Pfc 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Littleton, Robert S. 1/Lt 576th and Gp Hq Per LFW, 576th Asst Gp Engineering Officer - 576th Sqdn Officers #2
Litwin, Raymond Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 014 = Automotive Mechanic (Second Echelon). 6997701. detached service enroute to join from Olmsted field, Middletown, PA
Litzenberger, Reuben C. 1/Lt 1217th QM Svc Gp p1, was original mbr of 1217th. Per 1217th history p1, he was sent DS to AAF Sta 146 per orders dtd 23Nov43. p1, xferred to 1232nd QM Co at AAF Sat 146, on 16Dec43.
Lloyd, Denver D. Pfc 1217th QM Svc Gp 1217th QM Co - 1217th-QM-Co-AVN-May-1994 NEWS
Locke, Douglas F. Pvt 576th SD with 1287th MPs.Per SO#73, 1May44, MOS change from 521 to 677.Per SO#132, 14Jul44, released from AC and assigned to CMP.
Loeffler, Erich R. T/Sgt 74th Svc Sq; 465th Sub-Depot Trolley Passengers - p4, orig mbr. MOS 555=Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker. p8. P37, worked in the Sheet Metal Shop.
Loeffler, Harold H. Cpl 578th Radio Operator, AAF
Loessaert, Marcel J. Cpl 579th  
Loffman, Lawrence F. S/Sgt 10th SCS P8 he was in Station Honor Guard. Per SO#73, 1May44, MOS change from 405 to 502.
Lofton, J.H.     Trolley Passengers
Lofton, James E. Pfc 578th assigned; MOS 590.Flew back to Bradley Field CT on 44-50568 per OO#1, 26May45; MOS 590.
Lofton, Milton E. Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Logan, Andrew J. 2/Lt 578 Trolley Passengers
Logan, James W. Pvt 576th MOS 552 = Control Tower Operator
Logan, Wallace E. Pfc    
Logue Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Long Cpl 579th 579th ground crew Sep 1980 2ADA Journal
Long Jr, Jesse D. 1/Lt 578th Sq Oper Officer
Long, Max C. Cpl 10thStaCompSq and 264th Medical Disp  
Long, Robert S. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Long, W.J.     Trolley Passengers
Long, William B. Cpl 577th  
Longaberger, David W. Pvt 577th MOS change from 521 to 590.
Longchamps, Alfred L. Sgt    
Loomis M/Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Loomis, Edward P. Cpl 579th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Lopes, Manuel R. Cpl 577th  
Lopez, John M. Pfc 576th MOS 911 = Airplane Armorer
Loretoni, Pasquale J. Pfc 578th Teletype Operator
Losiewski, Zigmund A. T/5 1217th QM Svc Gp Per LFW, transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot in Feb45 for infantry training and reassignment
Lotten, John A. Pvt 579th MOS 501 = Admin and Tech Clerk
Loucke, Robert R. S/Sgt 576th  
Love, F.G. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Love, Marlin M. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Love     579th ground crew and 670
Love, Samuel G. Pvt 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic - Individual Photo
Lovitt, Owen E. Pfc 579th assigned, MOS 345
Lowder, Keith M. 2/Lt 1825th Ord Per Charles Dye's memoirs, he was transferred to another base soon after their arrival at Wendling.
Lowell, Charles L. Maj 576th 576th Sqdn Bond Drive 4 Sept 44
Lowry, John L. Pvt 579th MOS 521 = Airman Basic, in 579th Ordnance
Lozzi, Virgil P. Pvt 1825th Ord MOS 439 = ? . 32604861
Lucas, Edgar J. PFC 1825th Ord S&M Co. MOS 821 = Quartermaster Supply Technician - Bicycles
Lucas, Johnnie Pvt 578th 578th KP
Lucash, Steven Pvt 577th MOS 685 = Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist - Individual Photo   Lucash, Moro, Kushner
Luck, Leland Pfc   Trolley Passengers
Ludemann, Albert F. Cpl 577th MOS 060 = Cook. Named (as Ludiman) as 12-25-44 menu for enlisted Mess #1
Ludemann, Robert H. Cpl 577th  
Luebke, Carlton W. Pfc 10th SCS; 403rdASG Per SO#49, 28Mar44, MOS 521 = Airman Basic. p3, xferred to 10th on 1Apr44. Per 403rd history, Transit Billeting Quarters under the supervision of Sgt Curtis Ruth and Pfc Luebke. It is their task to house all transits arriving at this station, and many a night finds them hustling around dishing out bedding to the new arrivals. These boys are envied though for their private beautiful sleeping accommodations, which they have fixed up to look like one’s own comfortable room back home. Per SO#152, 5Aug44, MOS change from 521 to 590.
Ludiman, A. Cpl 577th Cook
Luerson, James   579th  
Luhrsen, G.W. Cpl   Trolley Passengers
Lumpkin, R.J. Pvt 10thSCS Per SO#18, 23Jan45,so much of the unexecuted portion of the sentence adjudged against Stockton by SCM sentence promulated by SCM No. 101, this Hq, as pertains to restriction to the limits of this station, is rescinded.transferred to 12th Reinf Depot for transfer to infantry; MOS 605.Per SO#174, 30Aug44, MOS change from 603 to 605.
Luna, Gilberto R. Pfc 465th Sub-Depot MOS 931 = Truck Driver, Heavy. Was in the Transportation shack when it was hit by an RAF A-20. He received a long gash to his skull which required medical attention. Was in the Crash Crew. Was transferred for Infantry Reconversion Training on 26 Mar 1945 - 465th Sub Depot photo #2
Luna, Raymond B. Pvt 577th MOS 929 = Automotive Equipment Operator
Lupro  /td>   Transportation
Lusbke, Carlton W. Pfc 10thStaCompSq  
Lussier, Arthur J. Pvt 577th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Luttrell, Harlon Pvt 1825th Ord S&M Co MOS = Supply Clerk
Lutz, John R. T/Sgt 578th 578th Mess Sergeant in charge of EM Mess
Luwe     Trolley Passengers
Lux, Henry E. S/Sgt 465th Sub Depot and 576th Sqdn MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic.Per Capt Levell's roster, was Sheet Metal Worker.   Individual photo   Lux is in the back row on the left   Lux is in the back row on the left   Lux, Falada, Beavers
Lux, Henry S/Sgt 10thStaCompSq  
Lyles, Dale A. Pvt 577th MOS 504
Lynch, H.F. Sgt   Trolley Passengers
Lynn, Elmer M. Pvt Gp Hq Airman Basic
Lynn, Robert W. Cpl 578th MOS 747 = Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Lyon, Leonard J. T/Sgt 465th Sub-Depot 465th Sub Depot Section Chiefs
Lyster, Merrill D. Cpl 10th SCS. MOS 747