392nd Bomb Group

Target: Wilhelmshaven - 3 November 1943 - Mission #6

According to VIII Bomber Command's Narrative of Operations, "The largest force of bombers ever employed by the VIII Bomber Command on any one operation attacked Wilhelmshaven, one of Germany's chief U-Boat and ship-construction centers. Three Air Task Forces, composed of B-17's of the 1st and 3rd Bombardment Divisions, and B-24's of the 2nd Bombardment Division, bombing on Pathfinder a/c through 10/10 cloud, dropped more than 1400 tons of bombs. Widespread damage was caused in the Bauhafen shipbuilding area and in the city proper."

Maj Lawrence G. Gilbert, Group Operations Officer, wrote in his Report, "The 392nd Bombardment Group took off with twenty-nine airplanes and formed over the base using instrument procedure. Combat Wing assembly was good and on schedule as was the assembly of the Air Division.

"Formation generally was good along the route in but the courses flown differed greatly from that specified in the field order. Fighter rendezvous was good and provided very good cover. Considerable turning and S-ing was being done by the lead groups and in the approach to the IP, the 392nd Group, flying low group, got into a position ahead of the 44th. This put the 392nd Group abreast and to the right of the 389th and it was decided to drop bombs on this group.

"Approximately two minutes after turning from the IP, one or two ships in the lead squadron of the 389th Group dropped their bombs and the 392nd Group lead bombardier toggled on these bombs. He also reported hearing someone call over the interphone, "Bombs Away", at the same time. However, none of the crew members have any knowledge of making such a call. The majority of the 392nd Group ships dropped their bombs at this time.

The rally and route back was fair although all groups had a definite tendency to loosen up their formation on the return route."

The 392nd's Outline for Briefing noted that the bomb load was four 1,000 pound General purpose and twenty 100 pound incendiaries per plane. Crewmen were instructed not to leave their gun stations "until in sight of English coast." The weather was "stinking."

Five FW-190 and ME-109 fighters were encountered with no damage to the Group or claims. Five 392nd BG ships were battle damaged from flak. The mission duration with all aircraft landing safely was 6:30 hours. Bombing results were deemed to be "unsuccessful."


3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 506
P Johns, M.T. 2Lt.
CP Gurney, J.J. Capt.
N Silvasy, F.A. 2nd Lt.
B Sriver, E.R. 2nd Lt.
R Gressler, E.J. T/Sgt.
AR Kenyon, C.L. S/Sgt.
E Indahl, J.M. T/Sgt.
AE Przeniczny, W. S/Sgt.
G Sanchez, I.V. S/Sgt.
AG Zerangue, F.A. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 487
P Ford, J. H. 2nd Lt.
CP Bunting, D.W. 2nd Lt.
N Duncan, R.H. 2nd Lt.
B Machak, J.G. 2nd lt.
R Kramer, A.W. S/Sgt.
AR Saucedo, J.A. Sgt.
E Lewis, G.F. Sgt.
AE Roberson, L.P. S/Sgt.
G Arnold, L.D. Sgt.
AG Overholt, H.R. Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 537
P Clover, D.K. 2nd Lt.
CP Berger, R.M. 2nd Lt.
N McMillan, W.J. 2nd Lt.
B McDonald, P.R. 2nd Lt.
R Galler, I. T/Sgt.
AR Bell, R.W. S/Sgt.
E Losey, J.C. T/Sgt.
AE Sambanis, G. Sgt.
G Ross, J.M. S/Sgt.
AG Royal, C.K. Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 527
P Lowell, C.L. 2nd Lt.
CP Patterson, J.B. 2nd Lt.
N Koch, C.H. 1st Lt.
B Westerfield, H.B. Jr. 2nd Lt.
R Handelman, L. 2nd Lt.
AR Bennett, L.G. S/Sgt.
E Jackson, B.F. S/Sgt.
AE Connolly, M.T. S/Sgt.
G Luciano, R.E. S/Sgt.
AG McNamara, P.E. S/Sgt.
Nelson, A.W. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 511
P Connery, W.R. 2nd Lt.
CP Cooper, R.W. 2nd Lt.
N Porter, C.V. 2nd Lt.
B Breck. J.H. 2nd Lt.
R Shilling, R.E. T/Sgt.
AR Allen, I.M. S/Sgt.
E Heller, L.M. S/Sgt.
AE Leibow, G. Cpl.
G Pedersen, F.M. S/Sgt.
AG Glende, B.I. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 524 (no sortie credit)
P Barnes, L.J. 1st Lt.
CP Shelton, W.L. 2nd Lt.
N Stankan, D.C. 2nd Lt.
B Jackson, G.J. 2nd Lt.
R Jenkins, W.B. T/Sgt.
AR Malloy, P.D. S/Sgt.
E Lewis, E.L. Jr. Sgt.
AE Choromanski, J.E. S/Sgt.
G Crowley, C.J. S/Sgt.
AG Riley, A.J. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 576th Sqdn.
A/C 540
P Becker, J.R. 1st Lt.
CP Roddy, W.H. 2nd Lt.
N Feller, L. 2nd Lt.
B Miller, D.A. 2nd Lt.
R Vovos, A.D. T/Sgt.
AR Harvison, W.P. S/Sgt.
E Deal, F.F. Jr. S/Sgt.
AE Schilter, N.J. S/Sgt.
G Youst, K.E. S/Sgt.
AG Peterson, G.H. T/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 503
P Marfia, F. 1st Lt.
CP Bondar, N.D. 2nd Lt.
N Wyatt, R.L. 2nd Lt.
B Salsberg, M. 2nd Lt.
R Brown, K.O. T/Sgt.
AR DeSimone, P.P. S/Sgt.
E Sekavec, R.G. T/Sgt.
AE Emerson, H.B. Jr. S/Sgt.
G Cunningham, W.A. S/Sgt.
AG Simpson, J.F. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 485
P Gonseth, F. Jr. 1st Lt.
CP Slipp, F.E. 2nd Lt.
N Delach, J.J. 2nd Lt.
B Colburn, R.F. 2nd Lt.
R Kirkpatrick, H.L. T/Sgt.
AR Harris, D.W. S/Sgt.
E Jennings, H.C. T/Sgt.
AE Driver, D.M. S/Sgt.
G Fagan, J.E. S/Sgt.
AG Whalen, J.S. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 546
P Layton, S.H. 1st Lt.
CP Jensen, A.H. 2nd Lt.
N Beatson, R.J. 2nd Lt.
B Feagan, H.C. 2nd Lt.
R Gibbs, R.R. T/Sgt.
AR Daughtry, A.Z. S/Sgt.
E Johnson, J.C. T/Sgt.
AE Gottschalk, G.W.
G Constabile, F.R. S/Sgt.
AG Boomhower, A. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 482
P Lambert, R.P. 2nd Lt.
CP Haviland, A.F. 2nd Lt.
N Kapp, R.A. 2nd Lt.
B Godfrey, H.M. 2nd Lt.
R Brown, J.S. T/Sgt.
AR Day, W.N. S/Sgt.
E Reese, W.J. T/Sgt.
AE Tantum, W.R. S/Sgt.
G Pfeifer, A.R.
AG Taylor, G.E. Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 496
P Egan, R.L. 2nd Lt.
CP Basham, F.G. 2nd Lt.
N Harris, W.B. 2nd Lt.
B Gray, W.L. 2nd Lt.
R Pope, F.B. T/Sgt.
AR Stogner, O.T. S/Sgt.
E Hurley, W.F. T/Sgt.
AE Hurley, A. S/Sgt.
G Kennedy, B.S. S/Sgt.
AG Salisbury, J.F. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 493 (no sortie credit)
P Peterson, L.G. 2nd Lt.
CP Lidgard, W.V. 2nd Lt.
N Long, A.L. 2nd Lt.
B Moor, J.W. 2nd Lt.
R Bellerive, R.O. T/Sgt.
AR Dinda, B.F. S/Sgt.
E Lawrence, H.F. T/Sgt.
AE Opsahl, R.C. S/Sgt.
G Stevens, R.K. S/Sgt.
AG Apgar, D.R. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 577th Sqdn.
A/C 790
P Usry, W.F. 2nd Lt.
CP Turner, D.L. 2nd Lt.
N Snyder, R.D. 2nd Lt.
B Floyd, C.E. 2nd Lt.
R Howard, R.E. T/Sgt.
AR Horowitz, G. S/Sgt.
E Morr, R.J. T/Sgt.
AE Matta S/Sgt.
G Matthews. A.D. S/Sgt.
AG Dunlap, V.M. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqnd.
A/C 480
P Schoolmaster, C.F. Capt.
CP Johnson, R.L. 2nd Lt.
N Simmons, C.L. 2nd Lt.
B Hunter, R.M. 2nd Lt.
R Wohlstrom, T.C. Jr. T/Sgt.
AR Milliken, E.W. S/Sgt.
E Stancik, M. T/Sgt.
AE Reynolds, H.D. Sgt.
G Nixon, A.D. Sgt.
AG Kimball, R.A. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqdn.
A/C 478
P Reade, J.J. 1st Lt.
CP Smith, R.L. 2nd Lt.
N Planche, M.M. 1st Lt.
B Ziccarelli, J.A. 2nd Lt.
R Schwabel, C.A. T/Sgt.
AR Bauer, W.E. S/Sgt.
E Edwards, C.E. T/Sgt.
AE Sikoff, H. Sgt.
G Turner, L.F. S/Sgt.
AG Wagner, D.R. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqdn.
A/C 490
P Steinmetz, D.R. 1st Lt.
CP Sporrey, R.F. 2nd Lt.
N Magee, W.H. 2nd Lt.
B Kempker, E.J. 2nd Lt.
R Jeans, R.C. T/Sgt.
AR MacKenzie, W.B. Sgt.
E Elliott, M.L. T/Sgt.
AE Perry, E.L. S/Sgt.
G Mislinski, G.J. S/Sgt.
AG Spalding, R.E. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqnd.
A/C 483
P Fletcher, R.E. 1st Lt.
CP Walker, T.G. 2nd Lt.
N Woody, H.E. 2nd Lt.
B Cattano, J.V. 2nd Lt.
R Biska, S.L. Sgt.
AR Mancuso, M.A. S/Sgt.
E Kelly, J.E. T/Sgt.
AE Harrod, C. Jr. S/Sgt.
G McNiel, J.M. S/Sgt.
AG Wukotich, M.L. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqdn.
A/C 486
P Lishka, A. 1st Lt.
CP Feld, B.H. 2nd Lt.
N Moorehead, J.C. 2nd Lt.
B Brockway, O.E. 2nd Lt.
R Clark, F.C. S/Sgt.
AR Dohm, H.E. S/Sgt.
E Sackal, W.M. T/Sgt.
AE Halstead, H.C. S/Sgt.
G Drylie, J. S/Sgt.
AG Dedmon, S.E. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqdn.
A/C 466
P Carnine, G.D. 1st Lt.
CP Spears, K.E. 2nd Lt.
N Mastron, V. 2nd Lt.
B Byers, W.F. 2nd Lt.
R Barbee, B.B. T/Sgt.
AR Norby, M.W. S/Sgt.
E Hopson, N.A. T/Sgt.
AE Ostroski, L.B. S/Sgt.
G Knies, G.R. S/Sgt.
AG Kwasnycia, N. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 578th Sqdn.
A/C 472
P George, F.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Stephens, L.M. 2nd Lt.
N Sweeney, P.J. 2nd Lt.
B Kelly, F.B. 2nd Lt.
R Sweeney, L.F. T/Sgt.
AR Sheppard, W.B. S/Sgt.
E Parker, J.D. T/Sgt.
AE Ellingson, H.E. S/Sgt.
G Theodore, R.N. S/Sgt.
AG Goodall, W.J. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqdn.
A/C 477
P D'Aoust, W.W. 1st Lt.
CP Marshall, J.W. 2nd Lt.
N Kary, W.W. 2nd Lt.
B Etheridge, M.T. 2nd Lt.
R Anderson, T. T/Sgt.
AR Jereb, J.F. S/Sgt.
E Dahlen, R.E. T/Sgt.
AE O'Neill, C.D. S/Sgt.
G Blanc, A.D. Sgt.
AG Sutton, R.H. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqnd.
A/C 556
P Higgins, J.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Piper, J.E. 2nd Lt.
N Casey, H.W. 2nd Lt.
B Broyles, C. 2nd Lt.
R Cauble, W.R. T/Sgt.
AR Sumlin, T.E. Sgt.
E Boerschinger, M.F. T/Sgt.
AE Bookout, R.J. Sgt.
G York, D.L. Sgt.
AG Piper, C.A. Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqdn.
A/C 469
P Dickson, J.W. 2nd Lt.
CP Robson, N.B. 1st Lt.
N McDade, J.J. 2nd Lt.
B White, E.E. 2nd Lt.
R Johnson, J.F. T/Sgt.
AR Zimpleman, J.G. S/Sgt.
E Kjelshus, E.H. S/Sgt.
AE York, R. S/Sgt.
G O'Neil, F.L. S/Sgt.
AG Reilly, B.D. S/Sgt.
X Price S.D. Capt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqdn.
A/C 561
CA Gilbert, L.G. Maj.
P McGregor, J.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Taylor, R.E F/O.
N Slowik, J.E. Capt.
B Good, R.E. 2nd Lt.
Veazey, M.A. 1st Lt.
R West, G.E. T/Sgt.
AR Long, B. S/Sgt.
E Galloway, W.E. T/Sgt.
AE Padden, T.F. S/Sgt.
G Housteau, J.M. S/Sgt.
AG Putnam, N.I. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579h Sqdn.
A/C 510
P Baumgart, V.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Cordes, W.C. 2nd Lt.
N Crouch, M.C. 2nd Lt.
B Stupski, S.J. 2nd Lt.
R Kiss, J. S/Sgt.
AR Yost, J.W. S/Sgt.
E Myers, H.C. S/Sgt.
AE Smith, D.L. S/Sgt.
G Fons, J.P. S/Sgt.
AG Money, J.A. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqnd.
A/C 626
P Rogillio, D.S. Jr. 2nd Lt.
CP Worker, L.R. 2nd Lt.
N Kelly, W.E. 2nd Lt.
B Hughes, R.J. 2nd Lt.
R Malak, A.J. T/Sgt.
AR Yorra, M.S. S/Sgt.
E Mazzei, A.P. T/Sgt.
AE Bryan, W.F. S/Sgt.
G Reljac, J.G. S/Sgt.
AG Takacs, A. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqdn.
A/C 484
P Voght, G.F. 1st lt.
CP Detrick, J.W. 1st Lt.
N Witsell, E.F. Capt.
B Hall, H.P. 1st Lt.
R Andrews, W.E. T/Sgt.
AR Castle, O.D. S/Sgt.
E Owen, E.D. T/Sgt.
AE Ross, J.R. S/Sgt.
G Bacon, G.W. S/Sgt.
AG Dill, W.F. S/Sgt.
3 Nov 1943 579th Sqdn.
A/C 529
P Goff, J.F. 1st Lt.
CP Keilman, M. Capt.
N Paddock, K.Q. Capt.
B Cleaton, C.T. 2nd Lt.
R Wright, R.R. T/Sgt.
AR Sweatt, A.E. S/Sgt.
E Lett, E.W. T/Sgt.
AE Erbe, H.S. S/Sgt.
G Jackson, H. S/Sgt.
AG Buchert S/Sgt.
NG Swangren, R. 1st Lt.
Obs Keck, R.W. 2nd Lt.