392nd Bomb Group

Target: Gelsenkirchen - 1 November 1944 - Mission #192

The oil refinery in this city was scheduled for attack on this first day of the month which saw only (11) missions being flown as the winter weather, typical of England and the Continent, began to set in and cause mission cancellations. On this date, a secondary target of the Hamm marshalling yards was also assigned to the Group. At 0800 and 0900 hours, (10) crews were given briefings with the outfit to be GH ship led. At 1115 hours, all ships commenced take-offs. All went over the primary releasing (22) 250# bombs, results being unobserved due to an undercast. No fighters were seen and flak was moderate, but inaccurate. One B-24 returned with damage but all landed safely around 1550 hours.


1 Nov 1944 576th Sqdn.
A/C 911
P Peterson, T.W. 2nd Lt.
CP Rohe, J.M. 2nd Lt.
N Damerst, W.A. 2nd Lt.
B Lawson, R.F. 2nd Lt.
E Bruney, G.L. Sgt.
R Green, C.M. T/Sgt.
RW Hankins, T.E. Sgt.
LW Mitchell, D.F. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Hoffman, G.A. Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 576th Sqdn.
A/C 194
P Richeson, W.H. 1st Lt.
CP Wiley, D.A. 1st Lt.
N Oppenheim, K.R. F/O
NG Dosier, C.A. S/Sgt.
E Urban, J.J. T/Sgt.
R Danner, E.W. T/Sgt.
RW Montgomery, H. S/Sgt.
LW Simpson, C.S. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Albert, W.W. S/Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 576th Sqdn.
A/C 480
P Jones, T.A. 2nd Lt.
CP McFarland, J.D. 2nd Lt.
N Leonard, A.C. 2nd Lt.
NG Malley, J.P. Sgt.
E Glover, B.E. S/Sgt.
R Isebrands, T.E. S/Sgt.
RW Allred, E.L. S/Sgt.
LW Wall, D.L. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Woerth, J.B. Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 576th Sqdn.
A/C 991
P Kilmer, W.A. 1st Lt.
CP McConnell, C.W. 2nd Lt.
N Isakson, E.J. 2nd Lt.
B Sexton, W.C. 2nd Lt.
E Cappello, E.J. S/Sgt.
R Chambers, R.L. S/Sgt.
RW McAtee, J.R. S/Sgt.
LW Spears, D.D. S/Sgt.
BT Cauchon, L.V. Sgt.
TG Turner, E.C. Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 576th Sqdn.
A/C 650
P Novik, A.J. 1st Lt.
CP Graves, J.H. 2nd Lt.
N Fife, R.M. 2nd Lt.
B Daniel, F.E. S/Sgt.
E Hildebrand, R.O. S/Sgt.
R Buckley, C.A. S/Sgt.
RW DiMarco, F.J. S/Sgt.
LW Watkins, M.F. S/Sgt.
BTGraves, R.H. S/Sgt.
TG Kieffer, R.W. Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 577th Sqdn.
Did not fly this mission.
1 Nov 1944 578th Sqdn.
Did not fly this mission.
1 Nov 1944 579th Sqdn.
A/C 459
P Clark, D.L. 1st Lt.
CP Jones, G.B. 2nd Lt.
N Munter, L.M. 2nd Lt.
B McGarry, T.J. 2nd Lt.
E Keba, J. T/Sgt.
R Howeth, G.W. T/Sgt.
RW Kopperud, C.M. S/Sgt.
LW Faust, K.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Tharp, R.N. Sgt.
NV Barry, W.T. 2nd Lt.
PN Niman, H. 1st Lt.
1 Nov 1944 579th Sqdn.
A/C 268
P Cieply, E.J. 2nd Lt.
CP Brooks, L.M. 2nd Lt.
N Griesar, O.J. 2nd Lt.
B Marcelli, A.F. 2nd Lt.
E Cannon, L.F. Sgt.
R Cade, G.W. Sgt.
RW Kinsinger, W.D. Sgt.
LW Montez, A.G. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Huston, C.F. Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 579th Sqdn.
A/C 697
P Jordan, T.J. 2nd Lt.
CP Osojnicki, E.S. 2nd Lt.
N Sprosty, A.O. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Kinzler, S.J. Sgt.
R Brown, L.E. Jr. Sgt.
RW Davis, T.N. Sgt.
LW Meister, R.H. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Kwiatowski, L.P. Sgt.
Kirol, J. S/Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 579th Sqdn.
A/C 340
P Koza, F. 2nd Lt.
CP Wilcoxson, R.H. 2nd Lt.
N Stillwagon, V.H. 2nd Lt.
B Solomon, A.A. 2nd Lt.
E Roberts, M.J. T/Sgt.
R Rubin, G. T/Sgt.
RW Johnson, J.T. S/Sgt.
LW Purcell, L.J. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Dunn, T.C. S/Sgt.
1 Nov 1944 579th Sqdn.
A/C 495
P Markuson, C.O. F/O
CP Hutchcroft, H.W. F/O
N Gallagher, W.W. 2nd Lt.
B Maceyra, E. 2nd Lt.
E Burke, J.E. Sgt.
R Krohn, O.G. Sgt.
RW Cain, P.L. Sgt.
LW Howard, J.B. Sgt.
BT Monaghan, T.D. Sgt.
TG Horn, J.E. Sgt.
Maj. C.C. Holloman received credit for this mission.