392nd Bomb Group

Target: Hemmingstedt - 14 January 1945 - Mission #228

For the first time in some missions, a non-tactical target was once again assigned for strike — this one being the Eighth’s strategic targeting emphasis back to Germany’s oil production. The target was a large oil refinery complex near the town of Heide located south of Denmark on the Jutland Peninsula. Also, the weather conditions both over England and the target area broke clear and favorable for visual bombing on this key target. General briefings were conducted for (29) aircrews between 0445 and 0600 hours. At 0830 hours, all Group bombers commenced take-off with assembly weather over England being most suitable for join-up. A total of (27) Liberators went over the target releasing (502) 300# weapons with excellent results being achieved. The excellent visual bombing weather enabled the Group to impact (92) percent of all bombs within 2000 feet of the aiming point, and (71) percent of these within 1000 foot. Two aircrews, Lieutenants Joyce’s and Vickers’ from the 578th in ships #446 (R-Bar) and #121 (U-Bar) had premature releases on the bomb run due to RBR equipment malfunctions. The bombing success on this raid was congratulated by Generals Doolittle, Kepner and Johnson. No enemy aircraft were encountered and AA fire near the Frisian Islands and off Heligoland was meager and inaccurate. All bombers returned safely, landing around 1445 hours. (Author’s note: Vickers and crew landed rather red-faced having lost one bomb-bay door with the other flapping in the breeze due to the premature bomb release attributed to the Radio Bomb Release equipment malfunction.) Fighter support was rated as good on this mission. Remarks: (2) premature releases due to RBR malfunction when turning "SAFE" switch to "ON" position, A/C NOs 446 and 121 flying in lead squadron. Bombs hit in water at 5413N-0830E. Deputy Lead of low squadron also released prematurely in water because of RBR malfunctions.


14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 480
P Crowell, R.K. 2nd Lt.
CP Berkley, J.B. 2nd Lt.
N Byrnes, W.B. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Hough, J.F. M/Sgt.
R Waggener, L.R. Sgt.
RW White, P.W. Sgt.
LW Tracy, R.D. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Moffa, A.J. Sgt.
NG Colquhoun, R.N. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 991
P Markuson, C.O. 2nd Lt.
CP Hutchcroft, H.W. 2nd Lt.
N Maceyra, E. 2nd Lt.
NG Hunter, E.R. S/Sgt.
E Cain, P.L. S/Sgt.
R Burke, J.E. S/Sgt.
RW Monaghan, T.D. S/Sgt.
LW Howard, J.B. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Horn, J.E. S/Sgt.
RCM Watson, C.B. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 409
P Wolak, S. 2nd Lt.
CP Willett, C.E. 2nd Lt.
N Longenecker, J.R. 2nd Lt.
B Kutner, J.M. 2nd Lt.
E Bobish, A. S/Sgt.
R Murphy, R.C. Sgt.
RW Ruigh, R.E. Sgt.
LW Czop, J.A. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Schick, F.W. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 357
P Sommers, O.L. 2nd Lt.
CP McFarland, J.D. 1st Lt.
N Judd, G.G. 1st Lt.
B Streicher, H.P. Jr. 1st Lt.
E Drummond, W.D. T/Sgt.
R Fender, J.F. T/Sgt.
RW O'Kane, R.P. S/Sgt.
LW McNeill, C.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Luciano, S. S/Sgt.
RCM Hill, T.J. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 659
P Peterson, T.W. 1st Lt.
CP Rohe, J.M. 2nd Lt.
N Damerst, W.A. 2nd Lt.
B Lawson, R.F. 2nd Lt.
E Bruney, G.L. T/Sgt.
R Green, C.M. T/Sgt.
RW Mitchell, D.F. Sgt.
LW Hankins, T.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Hoffman, G.A. Sgt.
PN Sullivan, P.A. 2nd Lt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 302
P Raczko, W. 2nd Lt.
CP McGill, C.L. 2nd Lt.
N Cline, A.P. 2nd Lt.
B Feldman, P. 2nd Lt.
E Reynolds, J.R. Sgt.
R VanDeven, J.K. Sgt.
RW Holland, J.R. Sgt.
LW Parker, R.J. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Adkins, J.E. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 916
P Yasi, R.L. 2nd Lt.
CP Blanton, G.L. 2nd Lt.
N Hamilton, P.L. 2nd Lt.
B Johnson, F. 2nd Lt.
E Taylor, B.D. T/Sgt.
R Nalette, T.A. Sgt.
RW Pasco, W.J. Sgt.
LW Hensler, L.P. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Tingle, J.B. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 540
P Harcus, R.W. 2nd Lt.
CP Thompson, J.R. 2nd Lt.
N Adler, M.N. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Thomas, E. S/Sgt.
R Shanley, J.V. S/Sgt.
RW Spears, D.D. S/Sgt.
LW Marshall, L.C. Sgt.
BT - -
TG Rosenberg, J.E. Sgt.
NG Brennan, R.W. Sgt.
Williams, C.G. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 576th Sqdn.
A/C 489
P Meehan, J.L. 1st Lt.
CP Carey, H.V. 1st Lt.
N McAfee, S.P. 2nd Lt.
NT Lynch, R.C. S/Sgt.
E Cohen, H.J. T/Sgt.
R Candido, C.D. T/Sgt.
RW Lange, D.H. S/Sgt.
LW Conner, P.P. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Borraccini, P.J. S/Sgt.
RCM Bleickhardt, F.G. S/Sgt.
S-27 Slater, R. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 792
P Scott, D.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Jordan, E.B. 2nd Lt.
N Tucker, R.A. 2nd Lt.
NG Glasscock, J.B. S/Sgt.
E Karas, J. T/Sgt.
R Berger, S. T/Sgt.
RW Hanley, E.H. S/Sgt.
LW O'Rourke, R.L. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG McKee, S.P. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 345
P Jackson, C.J. 1st Lt.
CP Parrish, C.E. 2nd Lt.
N Pillsbury, A.A. 2nd Lt.
NG Wolfe, P.G. S/Sgt.
E Jenkins, J.H. S/Sgt.
R Paren, J.H. S/Sgt.
RW Korb, L.J. S/Sgt.
LW Warrick, H.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Roe, W.L. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 868
P Pope, L.S. 2nd Lt.
CP Snowhill, T.B. 2nd Lt.
N Rodstein, B. 2nd Lt.
B Lane, T.C. S/Sgt.
E Turrisi, J.R. Sgt.
R Reed, D.F. S/Sgt.
RW Fuller, M.A. Sgt.
LW Dardano, F.A. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Keach, G.T. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 223
P Decker, J.C. 2nd Lt.
CP Biakis, M.J. 2nd Lt.
N Johnson, R.G. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Demery, R.F. Sgt.
R Hadley, M.W. Sgt.
RW Kobil, G.F. Sgt.
LW Towns, W.L. Sgt.
BT Belanger, R.E. Sgt.
TG Jarvis, M.A. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 118
P Inman, C.E. 1st Lt.
CP Ondrasek, J.G. 2nd Lt.
N Lange, E.A. 2nd Lt.
B Rees, R.R. 2nd Lt.
E Kamholz, E.J. T/Sgt.
R Flake, R.M. Jr. T/Sgt.
RW Finkelstein, B. S/Sgt.
LW Evans, H.D. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Gafin, B. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 901
P Shaw, B.R. 2nd Lt.
CP Bachman, L.W. 2nd Lt.
N Anstey, M.P. F/Ov B - -
E Kedenburg, J.H. Sgt.
R Sturm, W.A. Sgt.
RW Rice, W.W. Sgt.
LW Perlingiero, C.P. Sgt.
BT Hoover, R.C. Sgt.
TG Schunke, C.W. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 813
P Teipel, H.N. 2nd Lt.
CP Karas, M. 2nd Lt.
N Polansky, M.L. 2nd Lt.
B Flory, D.L. 2nd Lt.
E Rabine, V.A. T/Sgt.
R Goodson, E. T/Sgt.
RW Hodoian, J.C. S/Sgt.
LW Conrad, D.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG McConnell, H.M. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 577th Sqdn.
A/C 709
P Enyart, D.W. 1st Lt.
CP Froehlich, S.S. 2nd Lt.
N Mertens, J.A. 2nd Lt.
B Snyderman, J. 2nd Lt.
E Aycock, C.E. T/Sgt.
R Gersten, G. T/Sgt.
RW Arneson, J.A. S/Sgt.
LW Mohan, V.L. S/Sgt.
BT Barlow, S.N. S/Sgt.
TG - -
Moss, J. 2nd Lt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 804
P Mayer, E.H. 1st Lt.
CP Fligge, S.G. 2nd Lt.
N Burros, R.S. 2nd Lt.
B Crosby, P.E. 2nd Lt.
E Fickel, S.A. T/Sgt.
R Hatfield, H.C. T/Sgt.
RW Gibson, C.P. S/Sgt.
LW Robinson, M.M. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Fulton, C.E. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 446
P Joyce, J.F. F/O
CP Bowman, J.A. 2nd Lt.
N McQuade, R.N. F/O
B - -
E Albino, A. T/Sgt.
R Brown, J.F. T/Sgt.
RW Gorham, R.L. S/Sgt.
LW Kurkomelis, G.C. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Richter, R.H. S/Sgt.
S-27 Belsky, M. S/Sgt.
NG Andrews, Q.Q. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 436
P Hoover, J.A. 2nd Lt.
CP Douglass, G.E. 2nd Lt.
N Fetter, G.R. F/O
B - -
E Marlowe, J.D. S/Sgt.
R Affinito, L.J. Sgt.
RW Janak, E.G. Sgt.
LW Gayda, F.M. Sgt.
BT Fitzgerald, T.R. Sgt.
TG Jones, L.A. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 313
P Sturm, W.A. 1st Lt.
CP Jurczyn, B.J. 1st Lt.
N Rawlings, J.L. 1st Lt.
B Neetz, R.E. F/O
E LaChance, D.E. T/Sgt.
R Brown, J.C. T/Sgt.
RW Lingle, J.A.H. Cpl.
LW McCormick, J.E. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Huff, R.H. S/Sgt.
RCM Estelle, W.E. 1st Lt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 495 (no mission credit)
P Downs, H.E. 2nd Lt.
CP Bickham, T.E. 2nd Lt.
N McKay, R.P. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Lim, D.P. Sgt.
R Spicketts, J.G. Sgt.
RW Crane, T.P. Sgt.
LW Cinquina, E.A. Sgt.
BT Weatherman, H.W. Sgt.
TG Szerdi, A.W. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 121
P Vickers, R.E. 2nd Lt.
CP Schwarzer, D.E. 2nd Lt.
N Roberts, K.E. 2nd Lt.
B - -
E Markham, E.H. Sgt.
R Moore, R. Sgt.
RW Nock, W.H.E. Jr.E. Jr. Sgt.
LW Damuth, T.A. Sgt.
BT Henthorn, W.N. Sgt.
TG Leinweber, R.L. Sgt.
RCM Frappier, H.A. S/Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 578th Sqdn.
A/C 838
P Case, W.D. 2nd Lt.
CP Griffin, R.E. 2nd Lt.
N Gullick, C.H. 2nd Lt.
B Lambert, E.C. Sgt.
E Kidd, J.L. S/Sgt.
R Black, C.B. S/Sgt.
RW Chanson, M.C. Sgt.
LW Johnson, R.L. Sgt.
BT McCoy, F.W. Sgt.
TG Lutes, M.A. Sgt.
14 Jan 1945 579th Sqdn.
A/C 801
P White, E.J. 2nd Lt.
CP Whalen, J.M. 1st Lt.
N Weissberger, M.L. 1st Lt.
B Morton, E.R. 1st Lt.
E Hayden, R. T/Sgt.
R Baker, M. T/Sgt.
RW Egler, M.G. S/Sgt.
LW Sabolish, G. S/Sgt.
BT Alexander, R.W. 1st Lt.
TG White, R.A. S/Sgt.
NV Barry, W.T. 1st Lt.
14 Jan 1945 579th Sqdn.
A/C 788
P Grettum, R.B. Capt.
CP Perry, R. Jr.1st Lt.
N Bauer, H.H. 1st Lt.
B Connery, M.J. 1st Lt.
E Heuser, W.M. T/Sgt.
R West, G.E. T/Sgt.
RW Dobrowolski, C.J. S/Sgt.
LW Putnam, N.I. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Durant, W. T/Sgt.
PN Waldo, L.C. 1st Lt.
Conrad, J.B. 1st Lt.
14 Jan 1945 579th Sqdn.
A/C 150
CA McGregor, J.A. Maj.
P Kuster, K.D. Capt.
CP Sage, C.E. 1st Lt.
N Bevan, K.S. 1st Lt.
B Kelly, C.F. 1st Lt.
E Phillabaum, R.J. T/Sgt.
R Syverson, C.D. T/Sgt.
RW Collins, W.P. S/Sgt.
LW Dickman, H. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Denton, W. S/Sgt.
NV Morris, J.E. 1st Lt.
PN Benenson, M. 1st Lt.
14 Jan 1945 579th Sqdn.
A/C 103
P Scharf, C.D. 1st Lt.
CP Call, F.B. 1st Lt.
N McFerran, J.B. 1st Lt.
B Sparks, R.L. 1st Lt.
E Michalski, R. T/Sgt.
R Bonanno, J.C. T/Sgt.
RW Rigas, C. S/Sgt.
LW Oakes, E.L. S/Sgt.
BT - -
TG Lienemann, W.C. S/Sgt.
PN Thomas, J.B. 1st Lt.
NV Edmundson, R.H. 1st Lt.