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392nd Bomb Group Annual Reunion
Sheraton Westport Chalet, St Louis

CLICK HERE after 1pm CDT, October 20, 2016

This website is composed several sections and is the work of many WWII researchers representing of over 60 man years of research on the 392nd Bomb Group and the POW Stalag Lufts of Europe. Click Here to join and support our efforts to perserve the history and legacy of the 392nd BG of WWII.

  • We continue to update our rosters. If you have a loved one who served with the 392nd BG that is not listed or does not have their photo on this website, please let us know by clicking here.

  • Membership/Donations - If you share our love for preserving the history of the 392nd BG and/or a loved one, please take a moment to make a tax deductable donation. This will help us continue to preserve the history and legacy of the men and women of the 392nd Bomb Group.  Click here for the form.

  • The 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association: This section contains the Group Officers, Roll of Honor, Photos, Books, Videos, Patches, Stories and Diaries of WWII and the complete record of Oversea Burials.

  • Wendling, Station 118, USAAF: This air base located near Norwich, England was the home of the 392nd Bomb Group. This section contains maps, diagrams and photos of the base in 1943-45 and photos and descriptions of what it looks like today.

  • The Missions: The mission summary is followed by a calendar with links, by date, to all 285 missions of the 392nd Bomb Group. Each mission link contains the mission summary, Complete aircrew Loading Lists and the mission crew losses (MACRs).

  • Aircrew Photos: An incomplete roster with over 2,500 identified airman in crew photos.

  • Complete Aircrew Roster: To see a listing of all 3,914 airmen of the 392nd bomb group and the missions they flew - Click here.

  • Ground Crews: This section contains an incomplete roster listing over 3,000 ground crew echelon.

  • Aircraft: The aircraft disposition page contains a complete listing of the 392nd BG 402 aircraft with links to their history and photos.

  • The Stories of our 392nd Veterans: First hand accounts and diaries of the missions and life during WWII at Wendling.

  • POW Research: This is the internets largest and most complete research on the WWII POW Stalag Lufts in Europe. This research also includes the history and first hand documentation of the 57 day, 500+ mile, forced "Death March" from Luft 4 of 6,000+ airmen.

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