Site #7
Wendling Station 118, USAAF
Ben Jones - Wendling researcher

This picture appears to have been taken looking to the SSE towards the end of Wendling's 26 Runway. A B-24 can be seen through the trees just having taken off. These buildings are the standard nissen huts that littered the field.

Unfortunately nothing much of the original site remains today. This was a living quarters site that was located about a half mile from the centre of Beeston village and about three quarters of a mile West of the main airfield of Wendling. It was home to crews from the 577th and 578th squadrons. They lived in the nissen huts that were to be found on every airfield.

Wendling Site #7 - 1999

A panoramic shot of what the same spot looks like today. Only the odd pathway can be made out in a freshly ploughed field today.

Nissen hut on Site 7 - 1999
A camoflaged nissen hut stands on Site 7. This was home to four officer crewmembers.

These huts were often cramped and chilly. Four crewmembers lived in one hut and furnished them with whatever they could find in the local area. The interiors were dimly lit with one light bulb and a small stove in the center of the hut funished heat. The chest of drawers that can be seen in the interior shots below, were purchased from King's Lynn market for 15. The shelves seen on the right hand wall were constructed of ammunition boxes.

Interior shot of a nissen hut Interior shot of a nissen hut

An interior shot of a nissen hut which was home to four officers for their tour of duty. Notice the locally purchased furniture and homemade storage shelves. The Officer's cap can be seen at the end of his bed.

Across the road from this to the north on Site 6 was a large coal storage building. This became the site of frequent late night 'raids' from the personnel on Site 7 in order to keep them warm with extra free rations of coal.

Only a few of the concrete pads still remain, where once stood a nissen hut or a washroom. Most of it has once again reverted back to farmland.