Here you will find the internets largest and most complete research on the WWII POW Stalag Lufts in Europe. This area of research also includes the history and first hand documentation of the 57 day, 500+ mile, forced "Death March" from Luft 4 of 6,000+ airmen.

We have focused our research on the seven German Stalag Lufts 1, 3, 4, 6, 7a, 13d and 17b. The information these sites contain are maps, photos, government records, first hand historal records and stories.

The German system separated officers from enlisted men and sent them out to the various camps, which were know as Stalag Lufts. These airmen's camps were administered by the German Luftwaffe and the Abwehr. Once inside the wire, the new Kriegesgefangenen or "Kriegie" was once more among his own. At Stalag Lufts I and III and VIIA, the Senior American Officer (SAO) was in charge. At Lufts VI, IV and Stalag 17b, enlisted airmen elected the Man of Confidence (MOC) as their top man.

In general, the camps were segmented by barbed wire into Compounds, each of which contained several Lagers or barracks. These were segmented into rooms which held upwards of 40 men in triple tier wooden bunks.

In early February, 1944, most camps were evacuated in the face of the Russian advance. Many thousands of prisoners were "on Road" for periods up to 86 days. Only Luft I remained intact, until liberated in May, 1945.

The story of how Air Corps prisoners organized themselves for survival while in the hands of the enemy, is surely, one of the greatest chapters in American history.

As a resource, you might find www.b24.net to be a help in finding data regarding those who served in the 8th AAF, 2nd AD, 392nd BG. All mission summaries, MACR's, oversea burials, casualties, aircraft dispositions, roll of honor, stories, maps, photos of crews, planes, support, base, etc. is there.

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